What to expect



A single Theraphi session lasts 30 minutes.  

During this time the device will be active for 20 minutes.  There will be time before and after to talk. 

In some cases, it is possible to have 2 sessions together - we call this a Double Intensity Theraphi Session, and the session lasts for 60 minutes.

Being comfortable

Depending on your condition, you will either lie on a therapy couch or sit in a chair.  We will ensure that you are warm, comfortable and safe.


You will remain fully clothed throughout the session.  We recommend that you wear natural fibers such as cotton, hemp or wool.  Ideally you should remove anything metallic, including jewelry.  

Preparing for the session

Ensure that you drink plenty of good quality water so that you are well hydrated.  Ideally do not eat anything or drink caffeine for at least 1 hour before the start of the session.

During the session

Many people experience a deep state of peace, calm and relaxation during the session.  Levels of pain can significantly drop.  Mobility can increase.  Emotions may be released.  Anything is possible and everything is held with acceptance; non-judgement and unconditional love.  

Self aftercare

After the session ensure that you drink plenty of good quality water, and get well grounded before you leave.  Give yourself as much time and space as possible to simply BE - mindfully aware of feelings and sensations; messages; inner guidance and so on.   This is a natural part of the healing process.