The science - how Theraphi works


A Powerful Phase Conjugator

The “Theraphi” healing device creates precise frequencies for the production of “Bio-Active Fields” which effects the body's cellular regenerative system. The actual "healing" system in the body is the cellular regenerative system.  In this new revolutionary system, radio frequencies are used as a carrier wave for various frequency signatures. The robust solid-state emitters combined with a unique mixture of noble gases produces an extraordinary bio-active implosion, negentropy life giving plasma field.  

By having two plasma tubes, positioned on the treatment table, and with opposite spin density directions, it produces a conjugate field that cascades into a focal point by utilizing natures golden mean ratio (Phi), allowing for the adding, multiply, steering and collapse (centripetal) of our frequency modulated electromagnetic healing waveforms. 

Theraphi also harnesses the precise frequencies and hardware for the production of longitudinal wave acceleration, which creates a broad spectral phase conjugation and implosive “Biologic Negentropy” which is the scientific definition for life, order, self awareness, perception, memory and rejuvenation.  In fact, the Theraphi negentropy effect on the cells and tissues of the body, is the only scientific definition we have of “Healing and Rejuvenation” and “Anti-Aging”.


Negentropy is the reverse of entropy and considered the life organizing principle. It is the tendency toward increased order, which reverses disease, the aging process and supplies the centripetal charge compression to every cell of the body. Negentropy is the key to understanding the healing process of the Theraphi’s unique technology involving phase conjugation. 

The author of the famous book “What is Life”, Erwin Schrödinger (one of the fathers of quantum physics), defines negentropy as the remarkable ability of a living system, not only to avoid the effects of entropy production - as dictated by the second law of thermodynamics - but to do just the opposite, that is to increase organization, space-time structure, stored energy and coherence. 

Negentropy is also reverse time, a process where the cell remembers its original state before disorder set in (cell memory reversal), a definition of rejuvenation and healing.

Cell Memory Reversal

The actual "healing" system in the body is the cellular regenerative system. All living things are made up of cells. The cell is the smallest living thing that can do all the things needed for life. All cells must come from pre-existing cells, and have continuous repair and maintenance of their own existence. 

Thieraphi is an electromagnetic (EM) system, but of a rare kind not used in our common power systems. Instead of using the common transverse EM waves, this system uses longitudinal EM waves and time-polarized EM waves. 

A time-polarized EM wave is an energy current in the time domain, as in quantum field theory.  There we are introduced to time-polarized photons a "compression and rarefaction of the local rate of flow of time". 

Biological systems use longitudinal EM waves, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation, and "time-domain" electrodynamics which the Theraphi produces. In fact, it uses it to heal damaged cells, organs and tissues. 

The Theraphi system tailors the specific scalar longitudinal waveform, producing mitogenic radiation, primarily in the UV region of the spectrum but also involving other frequencies. It directly effects the cell’s nucleus with phase conjugate (time reversed) waves, which helps restore the cells memory of being “healthy” - the process of Cell Memory Reversal.

Longitudinal EM waves

The Theraphi process generates longitudinal waves through the plasma.  Nikola Tesla showed he could send electrical energy without wires by using longitudinal waves. These waves can be used to send both information and energy and they can be imprinted with information patterns. 

The possibilities with, and uses of longitudinal (scalar) waves are endless and exciting. Unlike a transverse wave (like an ordinary radio or light wave) a scalar wave's amplitude does not fluctuate up and down. Instead, try to visualize it more like a vibration of electric potential expanding and contracting in the direction of propagation. 

The scalar potential is comprised of sets of longitudinal EM phase conjugate wave pairs. One of each pair is time-reversed. This enables engineering of the waves to "pump" the cells of the body (with waves from the time domain) and actually time-reverse the cells back to a previous healthy condition.

Golden Mean Phi Ratio Principle

Nature's Phi ratio is the fundamental principle that the Universe uses to multiply and divide itself on all levels. It is the fractal geometry of nature and consciousness, and operates at all levels of scale in the body. It is key to understanding how the Theraphi works and achieves its results. 

Phase conjugation is 'charge collapse' utilizing Golden Mean Ratio. It is the solution to maximum constructive wave interference, compression, implosion, phase conjugation and to creating the precise harmonics which produce the centripetal self-organizing ‘negentropy’ bioactive field. 

This ratio is nature’s fractals and is used in all of its biology. It effects every cell of our body and is what makes the DNA's field electrically centripetal, and braids its genetic material. The energy signature of the Theraphi is the energy signature of a healthy living body.