About Theraphi


Pain Relief

Theraphi is a new technology for non-invasive pain relief, free of side effects that can be used continuously to target acute and chronic pain throughout the body. Theraphi is an electromagnetic wave therapy device which reduces pain and speeds healing. Trial testing shows improved mobility and reduced pain for people with back, neck and joint pain.


Natural Health & Wellness

The efficacy of electromagnetic wave therapy has been well documented for over 60 years.  Countless experiments and case histories show that the right mixture of signature frequencies can positively effect the human body’s natural healing responses to pain, inflammation, degenerative diseases, immune deficiencies, metabolism, heart rate variability, viruses and parasites.


Effective & Safe Healing Process

Trials indicate that by utilising a broad spectrum of specific frequencies, the Theraphi process may be effective for. 

  • Pain reduction 
  • Swelling reduction
  • Wound regeneration
  • Enhancing remission of chronic illness
  • Reducing the effects of aging
  • Cell memory reversal
  • and more .....

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