About Us

Peaceful, Natural Location


The Theraphi Centre is housed in a purpose-built healing studio, located 1 mile outside Lostwithiel, in Cornwall, south-west England.  The eco-friendly building is situated in a 3-acre smallholding, with organically grown fruit and vegetables, chickens, horses, cats and an abundance of wild-life. 

Powerful Earth Energy


The Michael ley line passes close to the Theraphi Centre.  The font in the church in Lostwithiel is a nodal point where the Michael and Mary ley lines cross. Glastonbury Tor and Avebury stone circle are also nodal points for the Michael and Mary lines.  This powerful earth energy enhances the healing process of Theraphi.

Carenza Wellness


Carenza is the Cornish word for love. The Theraphi Centre is part of Carenza Wellness - a unique integral approach to health and wellness blending the best of ancient wisdom and modern science.  Carenza Wellness is a project of Wise and Thrive Ltd.  Other projects include the international Sound Healing Academy.

More About Us

Tony Nec


Tony is the founder of Wise & Thrive, Carenza Wellness, the Theraphi Centre and the Sound Healing Academy.  He has over 25 years experience of healing, coaching and teaching.  

Jane Satchwell


Jane is the co-founder of Carenza Wellness and the Assistant Principal of the Sound Healing Academy.  She has over 25 years experience with healing and teaching.