The Future of Medicine


Regenerative medicine, particular electromagnetic (EM) therapy, has had its ups and downs over the last 100 years. Pioneers such as Royal Rife, Tesla and Priore have been written out of our history books. Tesla used longitudinal waves to produce free energy which turned out to be bad for business. Priore's work was suppressed because of the hostility of the oncology community and the loss of funding due to the absence of 'acceptable physics' to describe the mechanism for the curative results. Royal Rife had well recorded clinical results with cancer and other aliments – only to be totally suppressed by the American Medical Association. 

Pain has been relieved by electricity since ancient times. There is enormous experimental evidence to support the claims that EM therapy like that of the Theraphi can help with cancer, leukemia, pain etc. yet there are no major funds available to create the needed clinical trials. EM is reported to influence a wide variety of biological systems. In physical medicine, low frequency Electro-Magnetic Frequency (EMF) has been clinically applied to healing wounds. Recent protocols based on electromagnetic fields have been developed as non-surgical minimally invasive treatments of tumors. In particular, short-duration electric pulses can induce important non-thermal changes in cell physiology, especially the permeability of the cell membrane, and the unique ability to selectively kill tumor cells without harming normal surrounding tissue. 

The Theraphi is a wellness device that can also be used for an entire community. For example, the Theraphi program can encourage neurological negentropy, which means an aging population will enjoy a calmer and clearer state of mind. The hallmark of robust mental health, which is within the power of Theraphi to help to achieve, is the optimization of the delicate balance of millions of neurotransmitters. We use non-invasive scalar energy to correct the energy field distortions around the cells of the body, reprogramming them and allowing the cells and organs to work normally again. 

The Theraphi’s plasma allows the carrier wave to transmit 18 different healing frequencies, (based on phi ratio and hydrogen) causing a bioactive field to envelop the person and affect every cell of the body. There is potential for this technology to reverse genetic diseases to their original state. As the phase conjugate wave is negentropic, it can reverse entropic disease states in organisms. It can carry information into the cell nucleus that was not there originally, and possibly correct for inherited genetic damage, thus reversing birth defects. Priore also noted that mice after treatment seemed more youthful. Experiments also showed positive results for infectious diseases and suppressed immune systems.

Powerful anti-aging technology: if the genetic damage theory of aging is correct, then the Theraphi’s phase conjugation would also correct the distorted standing wave signatures that occur over time and cause aging. It is our view that the centripetal field that has been potently assembled in our Theraphi technology is the ideal field effect to catalyze cells back toward de-differentiation (stem cell switching), - particularly if we look at the DNA as a ‘phase conjugator.’  Dr Gerald Smith, who operates Theraphi in the USA, has taken far infra-red pictures before and after Theraphi sessions, proving its strong anti-inflammatory properties.  Click here for more details.

With chronic and degenerative diseases becoming almost endemic in the UK and around the world, and with the failure of Western medicine to effectively treat these conditions – it is certainly time to look at new and innovative systems of healing. Due to the principles and concepts of negentropy, cell time-reversal, phase conjugation and implosion, we are creating a new paradigm in self- healing, empowering a new humanitarian 'low cost' system of healthcare for present and future generations.