Trial program


What is the trial program?

Although the Theraphi healing process has been successfully tried and tested in many Centres throughout the world, we want to test its effectiveness and demonstrate the technology here in the south-west of England.     

What's involved?

For our trail program we wish to include people who are seeking tangible healing outcomes for identified acute or chronic health challenges.  We expect that most people in the program will have had an ongoing health challenge for 6 months or more that has not been successfully resolved with traditional medicine practices, for example drug therapy or surgery, or other forms of complementary medicine.


Theraphi is contraindicated for people with implanted electrical devices, such as heart pacemakers.  People with implanted electrical devices should stay away from the powerful electromagnetic field of the Theraphi system.

People with extensive metal implants, for example fitted in bone surgery, should also stay away.  We can proceed with caution for people with minor metal implants, such as a few pins for bone fractures.

What's the commitment?

You must be willing to travel to our Centre located 1 mile from the centre of Lostwithiel, Cornwall.   

There is a train station in Lostwithiel, and also nearby at Bodmin Parkway, with frequent trains to and from London Paddington.

The initial commitment is for 6 Theraphi healing sessions, 1 per day or 1 every few days.  It is possible in some circumstances to have 2 sessions in one day, with a gap in-between sessions to rest and integrate the healing process.

How long does a session last?

The first session will last about 1.5 hour as we complete our intake process.  The following sessions typically last 1 hour each.  

Within this period, the initial exposure to the operating Theraphi device will typically be  3 - 10 minutes, depending on the sensitivity of the client.  You will also relax in the Theraphi bio-active field for a further 10 minutes with the plasma device switched off. 

This is what we call a Single Intensity Theraphi session.  

Some people are able to take a further 10 minutes with the plasma device switched on.  This is what we call a Double Intensity Theraphi session.   

Sharing the outcomes

Assuming that the Theraphi healing process is successful, we request that you provide us with a written or video testimonial that we can publish in digital and / or paper form.  We may also, with your written permission, wish to publish a case study covering the details of your case. 

We will respect your personal privacy and at all times will abide by Data Protection legislation. 

Cost to participate in the trial program

From June 1st 2019 the full cost of a typical 6 session Theraphi healing program will be £240 for Single Intensity Theraphi and £360 for Double Intensity Theraphi.  For the trial program the cost is: £180 for Single Intensity and £240 for Double Intensity.   

It is possible to book multiple blocks of 6 sessions to extend the program, for the same cost as you started during the trial period.  

Many people report a 60 - 80% reduction in pain levels, increased mobility and other significant health outcomes from only 6 Theraphi sessions.  

Please note that we make no medical diagnosis or claims.  You should consult your medical doctor for advice and treatment.

Click here for more information or to express your interest in joining our trial program.